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Our story


The Essential Party Ingredient was founded in 1985 with a dedication to provide delicious food and outstanding service. We pride ourselves on our commitment to give our clients the best experience possible. We do this by maintaining the highest standard across every aspect of our business.


At our heart, we are a family business and our longevity within the industry is a testament to our diligence and ability to adapt to the times in which we live. This ethos is supported by our long-standing and dedicated team who have been with us for years.



With over 35 years of experience in the industry and a dedication to amazing food and excellent service, TEPI combines the best ingredients with exceptional and sophisticated food design to ensure that every event is outstanding.


From weddings and parties to large-scale events, TEPI is here to deliver seamless and memorable occasions, providing a bespoke service from start to finish. We believe that to create an unforgettable experience we need to build a close and longstanding relationship with our clients


Our priority is to provide the most amazing food for every event. When you hire TEPI, you receive a service far beyond catering alone. From the initial consultation to menu tasting, all aspects of your event are meticulously planned and consistently executed.


We work alongside local farmers and businesses with whom we have long-standing relationships and can guarantee full transparency within our supply chain. We source the highest quality produce from all over the world.


We are passionate about reducing waste in as many areas of our business as possible, with food waste being the top of our list. We recycle everything that we can, and endeavour to source products that are packaged in recyclable materials or are recyclable themselves. Our used oil is even transformed into biodiesel.

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